With everyone home because of Covid-19 your Dishwasher has been getting a workout and probably has never worked this hard in its existence. And in my case, mine broke down and sadly the parts were no longer available for repairs. So it was time to do a little research before shopping for new Dishwasher.

And while it’s not sexy to be shopping for this major appliance, there are a lot of new trends and improvements in today’s new Dishwashers besides color options.

It comes down to the 4 – S’s: Stainless, Sound, Style and Shelves.

#1 Stainless – Not only do you want a Stainless Steel front or the new Black Stainless Steel. You’ll also want a Stainless tub. Several of the new Stainless Steel Dishwashers also promise to be “fingerprint resistant” which for any of us who bought the first Stainless Refrigerators knows how tough it was to keep clean.

#2 Sound – Now that you’ve opted for Stainless one of the benefits is sound…or lack thereof. For my budget I purchased a new dishwasher that has 48dBA. That means it has a sound rating of 48 decibels. It’s so quiet you only know when it’s on by the red light shining on the floor in this particular model. You’ll want to get below 50dBA. And you guess it the price goes up the quieter a dishwasher promises to be. 39 – Decibels was the lowest one on display with a price tag over $150 more.

#3 Shelves – The new Dishwashers now have 3 rows of shelves. And on several models the top shelve and 2nd shelve were adjustable. Never knew how handy this is until you have it. I can adjust the 2nd shelve to accommodate my big wine glasses. And on the first shelve you can put all your big items like cutting knife, spatulas, oversize mixing spoons and even cereal bowls. Once you have 3 shelves you’ll never want to go back.

#4 Style – Besides choosing the color you have a new option of having all of the controls completely hidden. Previously all the controls and brand name of your dishwasher were in plain view like your microwave. Take a look at the pictures of the one installed and you’ll see this gives your kitchen a nice clean look next to your other appliances. And in some cases even has a towel rack. While there is no real functionality to hidden controls besides looks. If this isn’t important to you – you’ll save money on the models that still have the controls on the front. But remember you’ll want to still have the other features of Stainless, Sound less than 50 dBA and 3 Shelves.

And yes while it’s not sexy to shop for a dishwasher. You’ll be happy that you can still hear the TV when your wife decides to run the dishwasher while you’re watching the Last Dance on ESPN.


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