Adopting a pet is one of the most selfless things a person can do but unfortunately the ones that are normally left behind are the senior animals. To bring awareness and get these sweet animals into good homes November is also known as Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

The Humane Society of West Michigan is using this month to bring attention to their Silver Paws Program which offers fee-waived adoptions for dogs 7-years and up and cats that are 10+. Yes, a puppy or kitten will have a longer life with you but older dogs and cats come with lots of benefits, and they too could benefit from retiring in a loving home for the rest of their years.

If you are considering adopting a pet this month, please consider a senior pet. And to make your decision a bit easier meet Izzy - the featured pet of the week.

Courtesy of Humane Society of West Michigan

Despite the grumpy look on her face, Izzy is a sweetheart and chances are she just wants some food as the way to heart is through her belly! Izzy is 10-years-old and like many cats can be sassy but once she feels comfortable you'll become fast friends. Izzy would do best with a slow introduction to a quiet home and over time you'll see she’s a lap cat and a total couch potato. Sounds like the perfect companion! Take it from me as I write this with my cat cuddled up against on the couch.

Courtesy of Humane Society of West Michigan

This dog is Tiki and she's an example of a success story. She was adopted at 14-years-old by a staff member at Humane Society. Tiki even completed her canine good citizen certification and was able to go to schools and retirement homes to visit, proving that old dogs CAN learn new tricks!

You can see all the adoptable dogs at the Humane Society of West MI here and adoptable cats here.

If adoption isn't an option for you, consider becoming a foster pet parent! The HSWM provides everything a foster needs--from finding the perfect pet, offering advice and vet care, and giving fosters all of the necessary supplies. Between January 1 of this year and November 2, the HSWM has placed 843 shelter animals into foster homes. Get more information here.

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