You may be thinking of buying a new car if you’re one of the lucky ones not to have your income interrupted by COVID-19.

And why not with 0% INTEREST rates for 60, 72 or 84 months. (BTW that’s 5, 6 and 7 years of payments) and deferred payments up to 120 days. You may never see a deal like this in your lifetime, and as I say that we did around the Great Recession.

So what FEATURES should you be looking for on a new vehicle. Here are some safety features you’re going to want.

  • AWD or FWD: you live in Michigan it only makes sense. Not only for the snow, but during the heavy rain. Your car can adjust traction instead of hydroplaning. If you’re a boat owner this a must. I’ve seen a guy with a brand new 2WD drive not be able to pull the boat out of the water from a slippery ramp covered in Algae.
  • HEATED EVERYTHING: You thought Heated Seats were great. Wait until you add Heated Steering Wheel. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it. This can be added as part of a COLD WEATHER PACKAGE.
  • LANE KEEPING ASSIST: Great new safety feature that warns you when you move out of your lane in some cars actually moves you back into your lane. This takes a little getting used to, when you’re purposely trying to give room when passing a big truck.

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Congrats that you’re looking for a new car. Now may be one of the best times EVER to buy that dream car you’ve had your eye on. Only word of caution – the value of your trade-in has gone down. Good luck and Ride On...Safely.

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