If you have driven along Plainfield Avenue NE the past week or so, you have probably noticed what I did over the weekend.

There's a Dunkin' Donuts back in Grand Rapids!

It is close to where the last Dunkin' Donuts was located - that store closed a couple of years ago.

There were also ones on 28th Street SE and in Grandville, but those closed, too.

Now, Dunkin' Donuts is back at 4005 Plainfield Ave. NE.

And apparently more are planned.

I heard that something like 15 are planned for the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area.

I'm just happy to see another national chain back in the area.

For all the Marge's there are, I love the Dunkin's, the TimHo's and the Krispy Kreme's of the world.

I'm pumped!

Save me an original glazed!

dunkin donuts
dunkin donuts

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