OK, the election is over. Christmas is next. But now that all the yelling and commercials are over, I can get back to an old friend called television. Some random things I have seen on TV lately...

There's a show on TV Land called "Happily Divorced" starring Fran Drescher, a semi-autobiographical story about Fran discovering her husband is gay, yet continuing to live with him. Fran has started to date, and in the second season premiere she has to make a choice between 2 daters.

Seriously? There's TWO different men on Earth that want to date Fran Drescher?
Have you heard her laugh?

Love watching HGTV. House Hunters is a favorite. Hate when people spell their names weird. On a recent episode of House Hunters, the husband of the couple looking for a house was named "Parquer". Really? Parquer?

On the DIY network there's a show about a couple who have been building their home for over 2 years. It's called "Family Under Construction". The husband spends 24/7 working on the house. The wife works on the house 24/7. How do they exist? Where do they get their money to work on their house all the time?


And on TBS, the show Cougar Town (which used to be on ABC) debuts in January. I have never watched the show. But I have now seen ads for it on TBS. The cast (including former Friend Courtney Cox) goes through and explains the premise of the show. And it has worked. I now want to see it! Good job TBS!