Yesterday I told you about how people are eating less hot dogs than they used to. Shame on you! There is something, however, that goes on a hot dog that is becoming more popular everyday.

It's mustard. The spicy yellow compliment to hot dogs and bologna sandwiches is now the hottest condiment in the world. Yahoo's "The Yellow Commodity Hotter Than Gold" explains.

"Put it all together and mustard equals money: The condiment raked in U.S. sales of $508 million in 2012 – an 11% jump since 2007, according to Mintel, a market researcher. True, mustard doesn’t quite measure up to ketchup in this country (ketchup sales hit $743 million in 2012). But most food industry insiders and experts believe that mustard is positioned to grow in popularity not only because it’s so global (the condiment, which can be traced back to the Romans, is popular in just about every culture and country, from Brazil to Great Britain), but also because it’s naturally healthy. As a new French’s ad campaign touts, “Farmers make our mustard zero calories, not scientists.”

One chef called mustard "the new butter". As butter AND mustard lover, I'm cool with that. My daughter loves it too. We know. Mustard rocks!

Whats YOUR favorite hot dog topping? Let me know here!