With the start of bow hunting season Wednesday, deer are on the move here in West Michigan. October and November are the riskiest months for deer-related vehicle accidents in Michigan.

Because of this, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and other organizations are coming up with new ways to bring the number of deer-related accidents down.

The Traffic Safety Coalition is trying to increase education when it comes to cars and deer by creating a video titled "Don't Veer For Deer", which will be shown in Michigan driver education courses.

Kent County ranks third in the state for number of deer-related car crashes, and Calhoun County ranks eighth. There were 49,205 in Michigan in 2013.

Officials say that if you are driving a see a deer, you shouldn't veer to try and miss it. It is less likely that you will cause an accident if you simply stay on course.

Chairman of the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition Lori Conarton told CBS News Detroit:

Don’t veer for the deer because what we found is that most injuries and deaths occur when people swerve to avoid the deer and they end up hitting a tree or going into oncoming traffic.

One-in-five car crashes in Michigan involve a deer.

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