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The last few weeks we've been taking a journey of the one hit wonders of the 1980s and this week we focus on 1985.

'TIL TUES - VOICES CARRY: Aimee Mann is the lead singer of this Boston rock band. "Voices Carry" would go top 10 reaching #8 in April of 1985. Aimee would go solo with a single in 1995 and was no longer solo in 1997 marrying Michael Penn of "No Myth" fame in 1997.

DREAM ACADEMY - LIFE IN A NORTHERN TOWN: Grand Rapids is a northern town and the intro of this song just sounds like fall. This pop rock band is from England. "Life In A Town" reached #7 around Thanksgiving of 1985.

SCRITTI POLITTI - PERFECT WAY: As you may have predicted, the name of the band translates to Political Writings in Italian (even though the band is from England). "Perfect Way" hit #11 this week in 1985.

BALTIMORA - TARZAN BOY: Oddly enough, the lead singer, Jimmy McShane, isn't from Baltimore, Maryland, but rather Northern Ireland. The song was on the chart twice - #13 in November of 1985, and reissued again in 1993 after being featured in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.

YELLO - OH YEAH: This song could be right out of an episode of Michael Myers' Sprockets on SNL. The computer-synch duo from Switzerland is lead by Dieter and Boris. Of course you know the song from being featured in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Chart positions verified from Joel Whitburn's Pop Annual.

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