There are some nice places with weird secrets behind them for sale these days. Take for instance this single-family home in Zanesville, Ohio. It's HUGE! More than 8,800 sq. feet, HUGE living room/Dining Room, massive kitchen, five bedrooms...

OH, but also, a full bar, strip club, and one of the creepiest "Movie" rooms I've ever seen. But... it could be yours at the right price!

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The Zillow listing for this home is kind of misleading.

"Vast 8,880 square foot, 5 bedroom, 2 storm home with all new updates throughout! Walk into the large foyer with high ceilings and 3 small rooms for additional storage or closet space, including an antique safe that still operates. Second floor fully renovated in 2021, living room with a fireplace and high ceilings, half bath, washer/dryer and open layout kitchen"

Sound nice. Big rooms, recently renovated. and yeah, it looks kind of nice.


But this is where things get kind of questionable...

"Through the hallway, to 5 bedrooms, each with their own full bathroom and closet, master suite at the end of the hallway with high ceilings."

Why... do all five bedrooms need their own bathrooms? Seems odd, but kind of nice if you live with a big family. So I can see where that might be beneficial.

But THEN, we move to the downstairs with a "theater" room, a large "entertainment" area with a kitchen and 2 "toilets," pool tables, DJ Equipment and security system... all that comes with the purchase of the house.


And ALL of this can be yours for right at $600,000.

That "Entertainment" area, by the way, has a full strip club area, and I'm pretty sure that "theater" room is where people would watch  "Easy Rider" on a loop.

This place is giving off SERIOUS "Sons of Anarchy" biker clubhouse vibes, except everything is half-finished, and the guy making it was blasted drunk while doing it.

Great in theory, sketchy in execution.

I'm also pretty sure I've seen a horror film scene in at least one of those bedrooms.

BUT, maybe you'd consider it a fixer-upper. As they say, "It's got good bones..." and this one probably comes with ACTUAL bones in the backyard.

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