I'm glad to see that while the world works through a pandemic some things stay the same. Michigan and Ohio State still hate each other. A lot.

In a conference call for reporters to interact with Big Ten coaches, Michigan's Jim Harbaugh accused Ohio State of starting practice earlier than allowed.

The NCAA said team practices were to start today, Friday, August 7, but Harbaugh said he saw a photo of the Ohio State linebackers working out on Tuesday with his former linebackers coach Al Washington.

To which Day snarkily replied, "How about I worry about my team and you worry about yours?"

Later Day reportedly told his team at a meeting that he hopes the Big ten has a mercy rule because he was "going to hang 100 on them." As in points.

Day has yet to confirm he said that, but do we have any doubts?

Luckily, we here in Grand Rapids have Annie Agar, the fearless WOOD-TV reporter translate the story for us.

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