If I said to you "What cable channel is NatGeo?," would you know it's the National Geographic Channel?

The network I used to equate with shows about giraffes has a new multi-part series debuting Fourth of July weekend. And it's all about the '90s and Simpson.

On the 20th anniversary of the infamous 'low-speed chase' and in advance of the July 6 premiere for National Geographic Channel's show "The '90s -- The Last Great Decade," National Geographic Channel and Kelton Global asked Americans about Simpson's 1995 "Trial of the Century" and other things from the 1990s.

The results were that "86 percent said they believe O.J. Simpson was guilty."

Breaking down the poll's results down further:

  • More women than men believe Simpson was guilty: 89 percent to 84 percent.
  • More Republicans than Democrats believe he was guilty: 89 percent versus 82 percent.
  • Fewer African-Americans than those of other ethnicities believe he was guilty: 76 percent versus 86 percent.

The survey also revealed that close to one in four Americans consider the Simpson double slaying trial to be the No. 1 news event of the ’90s, chosen over other such landmark events as the death of Princess Diana, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Los Angeles riots and the sex scandals of the President Bill Clinton's administration.

Hmmm. O.J. did it? Really? This is BREAKING NEWS! Someone call Channel 13 or Channel 8!

Los Angeles Police Department/Online USA, Inc.
Los Angeles Police Department/Online USA, Inc.

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