If you haven't heard of or seen the Lip Dub yet, where have you been? Living under a rock in the Grand River? Yes it's been viewed over 897,000 times in less than 5 days on YouTube.

It even got prime time press on Inside Edition last week. Today, however, it got perhaps the biggest accolade yet. Roger Ebert, famous film critic for the Chicago Sun Times, wrote on his blog that the "Lip Dub" was the "greatest music video ever made". Wow. No matter what you think about Ebert or his movie reviews, he has been a movie critic for over 40 in Chicago, survived cancer, and is very well respected in the entertainment field. For this video to move him to such words is a pretty amazing accomplishment not only for Rob Bliss, but the people in the video, as well as the technical staff as well.


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