A friend of mine sent me this Facebook post from Ruggy Revival the other day and instantly, I knew Jackie was my new hero of snark.

The post reads that as they were going through a stack of 1958 Detroit High senior photos, they came across this gem from Jackie, who apparently was the queen of throwing shade long before the internet, as the back of the photo reads:

 “Elfreda, I guess I’ll do the customary thing and wish you luck although I don’t wish it on you. The years I have known you have been something. Take care of Ruby in the future. Always stay as simple as you are. Your ace from inner space. Jackie June ‘58’”

I've said similar under my breath, or to other friends after someones walked away, but never in writing. That takes guts because it can all come back around... I don't know, 61 years later. This is why Jackie is now my hero, no F's given.

Under the post, Ruggy Revival did say they found Jackie and have been in contact with her son.  They say,

After a lot of research, I found Jackie and she is still alive and slaying. She has a beautiful family. I have been in touch with her son on FB, so hopefully, I will get a backstory soon!

I'm glad to hear she's still slaying and I can't wait to get the rest of the backstory. Ruggy Revival and I have a lot of the same questions.  Like were they friends?  What led the snark? Who's Ruby and did Elfreda take care of her?

I also want to know if Jackie will adopt me as my "Godmother of Snark", because I need her guiding me in life.

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