An ad for Meijer stores from the '70s was posted on a LA man's Instagram feed. He apparently has never seen a store so wonderful before. 

Jeff Nelson, a Los Angeles Instagrammer with a love of campy things from the '70s and '80s, posted the ad with the caption, "I'm shopping at Mejer's from now on! #oneofakind #grandrapidsmichigan." (Please note how Jeff nailed the Michigan tendency add the apostrophe S to the store name.)

The ad features the banjo-centric jingle "One Of A Kind", and highlights all the different things you can buy at Meijer. It shows early '80s clothed Grand Rapids residents shopping for things like clothes and groceries, which amused and puzzled national viewers.

"I don’t trust any store where you can buy a can of ham and a prom dress under the same roof, wrote one commenter, while another was all in, "Clothing and ice cream cones. That sounds like a plan."

Since it IS on the internet, of course there were plenty of haters, but now relocated Michiganders came to the store's defense. "Meijer! I grew up outside Detroit and it was a one-stop 24-hour shop. You can...get a haircut while they put new tires on your car, rent movies, get film developed, buy a parrot, aisles full of toys, grocery shop, get office supplies, visit the jeweler, buy Wind Song, buy clothes, and I’m having a faint memory one could purchase a casket. This is also the store my mom would have me paged over the speakers as if I were a lost child which explains so much about me. 😂"

I'm not sure about the casket thing, but everything else had in that comment had Meijer down pat.

One commenter caught the '80s vibe of the Meijer store smock. "Smocks are great for hiding your benson and hedges. She was totally out on a smoke break." WRONG! In the '80s you could smoke in the store, while working! Isn't that cool!

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