98.7 WFGR continues our journey through the One Hit Wonders of the '80s spotlighting 1982 tonight with Craig Allen on the Night Shift starting at 7:00 p.m.

MUSICAL YOUTH - PASS THE DUTCHIE: All these years I thought pass the dutchie meant pass the joint. In a play in words "Dutchie" in Jamaica is a pot they make stew in. So the rough meaning is pass the pot. This song was adaption of another reggae song called "Pass the Koutchie" and back then that was slang for pot. We now have a totally different meaning for that term. Musical Youth isn't from Jamaica, they are from Birmingham, England.

DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS - COME ON EILEEN: Our second band from Birmingham, England tonight. "Come On Eileen" would be the band's only hit but it reached #1 in January of 1982.

PATRICE RUSHEN - FORGET ME NOTS: Patrice is from LA and a very talented Soul - Jazz singer, songwriter, dancer and keyboard player. Her first single "Haven't You Heard" only reached #42 in 1980 otherwise we wouldn't get to celebrate her as an one hit wonder.

MEN WITHOUT HATS - SAFETY DANCE: Men Without Hats are from Montreal. And you think a band called Men Without Hats must have good hair, because they don't have to wear hats and you'll see in the video, they do. This song reached #3.

HAIRCUT ONE HUNDRED - LOVE PLUS ONE: Our fourth band from England tonight. And Haircut 100 barely made it to having a hit "Love Plus One" only reached #37 in May. If you went to dance clubs in the '80s you'll known another one of their songs called "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)"

Artist and chart info verified by Joel Whitburn's Pop Annual.

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