One of the joys of the coronavirus pandemic has been that WOOD TV8’s Bill Steffen has been working from his man cave, aka his basement, and not only have we been able to enjoy the true midwest style basement with an always moving self portrait of Bill; we’ve also got the joy of seeing his cats from time to time doing their cat thing during his live shots from home.

The first time was back In April, when his two cats got a bit feisty under a table behind him, meowing and play fighting while Bill did a marvelous job holding his composure during the forecast.

Tuesday afternoon it happened again, well one fo the cats made an appearance during Bill’s live shot.  It was during the 5 pm newscast, Susan Shaw and Brian Sterling brought on Bill to do the forecast and as soon as the camera comes on, you can see he’s joined by one of his cats, sitting on a table right next to him, and head butting him for some love, while once again, Bill delivers the forecast flawlessly and completely ignoring his love-hungry cat.

In fairness, he didn’t completely ignore the cat, as he wrapped his forecast, Brian and Susan brought up the special guest, in which Bill introduced us to Nimbus. Yes, Bill named his cat after a type of cloud.  Which know makes me wonder what his other cat’s name is?  Stratus maybe? Or even cooler, maybe Cirrus??  We may never know, OR his other cat may hear about all the attention Nimbus got on the newscast Tuesday afternoon and will make an appearance soon?

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