Back in August, we told you that the "Lord's Chapel" building at 720 Michigan Street was about to become a new restaurant called “The Friesian Gastro Pub”.

It’s set to be an 88 seat restaurant with a patio for about 20 people on the back and a 50 person rooftop bar on Michigan St.   Which is the really cool news, because in a city with so much to do, rooftop bars are not a popular as you’d expect them to be.

So, of course, I’m now skeptical as to a) is this going to be a cool spot and b) is it really going to happen?

Well, a friend of mine was doing some work there and I asked him if they still planned to have the rooftop patio… and he sent me some “sneak peek” pictures of it.

Rob Sparks/TSM
Rob Sparks/TSM

As you can see they definitely plan to have the rooftop patio!  Also, it looks pretty spacious and private, especially with the other houses so close.  I’m excited to spend some quality time on the roof!

The Friesian is expected to open by the end of the year and plans to have a full menu of comfort food with an “eclectic taste”.