Now that we’re into August, I feel it’s not too early to start talking about cool Halloween things coming up.

I came across something that rocks if your name is Jason.  The Haunt, which is located on 28th Street and is 50,000 square feet of scary, announced on their Facebook page that on opening night, which is September 13th, or Friday the 13th, they’ll let anyone with the name Jason into the Haunt for free!

The post only says your name has to be Jason, it doesn’t say you need to wear a hockey mask or carry around a knife – actually PLEASE don’t do the last one.

The Haunt’s website boasts over 144 rooms, 100 actors and 62 animatronics this year and they hired a new “Head Of Design” so it’s should be even scarier than years before.

If you plan to head out to the Haunt on opening night and your name is NOT Jason, then you should check out their website to save a few bucks.

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