The sheer gravity of Orange Is the New Black Season 4 demands a re-watch before long, but Netflix is already hard at work on that three-year renewal with Season 5 production. Not only that, but Lori Petty has compelling reason to believe fan-favorite Lolly will return for Season 5, despite an ominous outcome this year.

You’re warned of full Orange Is the New Black Season 4 spoilers from here on out, but after joining the series full-time in Season 3, Lori Petty’s Lolly spent the majority of Season 4 on course for a breakdown that heartrendingly landed her in the Litchfield psych ward, a narratively difficult place from which future seasons might return the character. Petty remains optimistic however, telling The Hollywood Reporter that while Season 5 has already begun production, she’s anticipating the call eventually:

I certainly hope [we'll see Lolly again]. I do think we will. I can’t say for sure, but I absolutely think we will. They are just now filming episode one [of season five] and you know how we ended season four. They have a lot to deal with right now! I’m just waiting on the phone call to get back on the plane. I’m sure it will come, but we have 13 episodes and they’ve got a lot to take care of, so we’ll see.

That in and of itself might just be wishful thinking, though Petty presented a fairly compelling case for why Orange might revisit the psych ward in Season 5:

Did you and Jenji have any of those conversations about if this would be the end for Lolly?

No. No. Here’s what I assume — and this is because it’s all about me, right? — we go into psych and Mr. Healy was there and I’m screaming and crying. I did some looping and I saw it and it looked great. Then I realize that they built a huge hallway with rooms and a whole set. So I’m thinking it’s going to be: Psych! Starring Lori Petty! [laughs] I just assumed they’d go to psych, like they go to the SHU. But I’m just making stuff up right now because I don’t know. But I saw the set and that’s what I thought.

Certainly, Orange Is the New Black isn’t shy of exploring new territory, or the odd return, as Season 4's first trip to Maximum Security also brought the oddly-brief return of Ruby Rose’s Stella. One wouldn’t necessarily expect Lolly’s easy return from Psych, given the crime that landed her there, but might we check in on the character as early as next season? Will anyone else end up there for company?

All episodes of Orange Is the New Black Season 4 are streaming on Netflix, with Season 5 due in 2017.

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