Tracking down the whereabouts of a giant driveable hot dog just got a whole lot easier!

I am one of the many people who keeps a "bucket list".

Excerpts from my bucket list include visiting a natural hot spring, learning how to blow glass, and seeing the Wienermobile in person.

That last one is kind of nerdy, I know, but the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is nostalgic! Who didn't have one of those little weenie whistles as a kid?

The Wienermobile made a stop in Grand Rapids earlier this month and I was unaware and completely missed it. Since that day I have vowed to never miss the Wienermobile again!

I've taken the necessary steps to ensure I catch the giant hot dog next time it's in town like frequenting their website and following the official Wienermobile account on Twitter (@Wienermobile), but now I can track the Wienermobie on my phone!

A free app available for download via the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store, the Wienermobile app not only tracks the whereabouts of the Wienermobile but also let's you play the Wienermobile game, earn "Wiener Bucks" by scanning packages on store shelves, and let's you "drive" the Wienermobile with a point-of-view simulation.

You can also "take a picture" with the Wienermobile  by inserting your photo and you can also "park" the Wienermobile in your driveway and share your photo across social media.

The Wienermobile app was developed in response to the three main questions the Wienermobile folks encounter: Where is the Wienermobile? How can I take a picture with it? How can I drive the Wienermobile?

I think this app just about covers everything! And just in case you were wondering, the Wienermobile is currently in Columbia, South Carolina.

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