A great story of the community of Jenison coming together.

If you live around Jenison odds are you have seen (and heard) JB West when he was on his bike.

This past summer my wife and I moved to Jenison and when we walked around during the whole Pokemon Go craze, we heard him singing. Even heard him roll by one day when getting ice cream at Frosty Treat on 20th.

So, it's a bit shocking to see him in the news.

JB West is the "sidewalk singer", and he has autism. His bike is his only mode of transportation, so the community was pretty upset when his bike was stolen last Wednesday.

WOOD-TV8 reports that the community came together and raised more than $4,600 for JB via a GoFundMe page.

JB's bike was eventually found on Friday night near a dumpster in Jenison.

It's really cool to see that the community came together to help out this cool guy. Here's the GoFundMe link if you'd like to donate.

Side note: How cool is it to be known as the Sidewalk Singer. The guy who rides around town singing. Not the strolling litterer, or the prancing panhandler. Nah, this guy just rides his bike and sings.

JB is also known in the community as one of the hosts of WCET-TV's show "Hot Tracks". JB, along with his pal Nick Van Zanten, use the show to talk about one of their favorite topics - music. They were also the topic of the documentary "Musical Minds", which you can check out below.

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