From time to time I'll stumble across an article on the internet that is like taking a dagger right to my heart.

Recently, Dream Home Ideas posted an article about the "20 Home Decor Items You Shouldn’t Own Over 30". I have to sadly admit that I have owned quite a few of these items in the past. Over the years I have tossed some of these things, but there are a few I just can't part with. And to make matters even worse -- I'm way over 30 as well. Talk about adding insult to injury!

So what items do I own that I shouldn't?

Big Fake Plants -- These things were pricey back in the day. I have 2 big artificial plants that I just can't seem to part with (even though in reality the leaves just become big dust collectors.) The article says to "leave the large fake plants to doctor’s offices and bank waiting rooms."

Taxidermy -- I live in the middle of the woods. I have a huge moose head and also an elk mount in my home. I think they add to the "cabin in the woods" type of decor I'm going after. I'm not getting rid of my animal heads! The article poses the question: "why would you hang dead animals on the walls?"

Some of the other items anyone over the age of 30 should not own...

Plastic Fruit -- How many of us grew up with our parents and grandparents having a big bowl of either plastic or wax fruit on the kitchen table?

Anything Macrame -- Back in the 70s and 80s you just had to have at least one or two plant hangers made from knotted rope. I had my share.

Bean Bag Chairs -- These things are still pretty popular. I'd have no problem having a bean bag chair in my home. Just hope those things never spring a leak. Those little white Styrofoam balls cling to everything!

Neon Bar Lights -- The only reason I don't have one of these is because I never could find one I could affford! I'd love to have a neon sign -- and some day may still buy one! The article suggests: "leave them where they belong: at the bar."

Unframed Posters -- "It's only okay to tape posters to your walls if you live in a college dorm", according to the article. Sometimes it's just too expensive to get your favorite poster framed before you hang it on the wall!

My favorite item mentioned in the article...Love Toys As Home Decor Accents!  Are there people who really use those things as decorations? The article points out "the Ancient Romans believed that decorating everything with flying male genitalia was a good luck charm. Spoiler alert: You are not an Ancient Roman. Out of courtesy for anyone who may visit your living room, keep these in your bedroom." I agree!

You can check out the complete list here, and see how many things you should be getting rid of from your home.


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