If you own 40 acres or more and would like to make some extra money by allowing the land to be hunted, the Department of Natural Resources has an offer for you.

I have hunted a life time and thanks to many landowners, I have had the privilege's of hunting some pretty good spots.

Not every person who owns a lot of land knows that if they work with the DNR and allow a restricted number of individuals to hunt certain parts of their land, they can get a check each year from the DNR.

The DNR are looking a private property in areas of southern and northeastern Lower Peninsula and some areas in the eastern Upper Peninsula. Especially land that is near urban and suburban areas.

The land you have must be at least 40 acres and have wildlife habitat with brush, forest, grassland or wetland in order to qualify.

The DNR are looking for land where the closest public land is at least 30 miles a way. Most of the land the DNR has in mind is located in 46 counties. If you are wondering if your land falls into one of these counties, just click here.

The program is called HAP (Hunting Access Program), if you would like to sign up for the program you can click here.

Here is a list of landowners benefits HAP provides:

  • An annual payment
  • Liability protection
  • Flexible options based on hunting types
  • Opportunity to promote and support Michigan's hunting for youth and apprentice hunting
  • Management of wildlife on your property
  • Access to conservation staff

You have until September 1 to get enrolled into the program.

If you have any questions, you can contact Mike Parker at 517.898.3293 or DNR-HAP@Michigan.gov.

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