And the award goes to...Marge Wilson, the owner of Marge's Donut Den in Wyoming. It's a pretty prestigious award too!

For five years now, the Rotary Club of Grand Rapids has awarded the Frederik Meijer Service Above Self Award to an individual much like the late Fred Meijer. Someone with a selfless spirit and philanthropic heart.

This year the winner is none other than Marge Wilson, who has owned and operated Marge's Donut Den, on 28th Street in Wyoming, since 1975.

For most of us, just having her donuts is reason enough for an award, however Marge has gone even further to serve not only our community, but people as far away as Nigeria.

Wait, did that say Nigeria? It sure did! Beyond just serving the community here in west Michigan, Marge has been working to provide clean drinking water to villages in southeast Nigeria. This work is done through the Samuel Omogo Foundation that was founded in 2012 by Marge along with Father Peter Omogo. This organization builds water wells to provide clean water to villagers. Over the last nine years, 368 wells have been built providing access to clean water to over 300,000 people!

Marge Wilson was the first woman to be on the national board of the Retail Bakers Association. She has also received other honors and accolades, including an Apostolic Blessing from the Pope. You can see some of these awards hanging on the walls at Marge’s Donut Den.

Congratulations Marge! To celebrate I'll be in to get a dozen donuts. Thank you for all you do...from Wyoming to Nigeria!

For more information, here is the official Marge's Donut Den website and their Facebook page.

Marge's Donut Den is located at 1751 28th Street, SW, in Wyoming.



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