As we settle in for a typical windblown, snowy January day, I bring you this video of some brave (or stupid) man out paddle boarding amongst the icebergs of Lake Michigan.

And then he expalins why he does it....

Okay, these small bergs wouldn't have brought down the Titanic, but they provide an interesting tableau for a winter paddle out onto the big lake.

This short footage of a man paddling amongst the icy detritus off the coast of St. Joseph is both compelling and peaceful.

It's so oddly peaceful that I would take up winter paddleboarding if it weren't for that whole 'jumping into ice water' thing you have to do first.

And then there's this follow up -- the guy explaining the joys of winter paddleboarding...He makes a pretty good case for it...and it turns out, he's a former Coast Guard rescue swimmer...

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