This is easily the best thing I've seen all week, as a photographer who shoots just about anything with a love for wildlife, caught an epic battle between two squirrels waging war upon each other over a leaf of lettuce. When it comes to nature, you never know what you will see which is why Paula Badour always has a camera on her. The event took place on St. Patrick's Day morning and in traditional fashion, green had a lot to do with what you're about to see:

It was a crisp morning in Cedarville when Paula Badour decided to toss out a small bit of leaf lettuce for the wildlife. What she didn't realize is her action would result in a battle that Michigan Folklore (maybe) says has been happening for many years. A local squirrel, Thadius Nibbletins approached the lettuce with caution, but spared no time in beginning to feast upon the greenery. It was not soon after that the scent of delicious tidings made its way to local squirrel legend, Nutz MgGerk. What transpired was a confrontation for the ages...

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The Battle Begins

Nibbletins made a gesture of greed that Nutz MgGerk took exception to and the legendary battle for the leaf lettuce began. The two squared off in the ritualistic "Come At Me Bro" stance, with each combatant sizing the other up.

Used With Permission-Paula Badour
Used With Permission-Paula Badour

Turning of the Tide

After a few moments of the fierce battle, the tide had seemingly turned as MgGerk threw a strong right uppercut, which left the lettuce vulnerable. MgGerk tried with all his might to reach for it...

Used With Permission-Paula Badour
Used With Permission-Paula Badour

In the end, both combatants found mutual respect for each other, a truce was made, and all is well in the wilderness...for now.

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When I step behind the camera - the whole world just kinda goes away for a minute. -Paula Badour

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