With tax day approaching you probably have more paper with personal information lying around. Need a way to get rid of sensitive documents safely? There's an event coming up at LMCU ballpark where you can shred multiple boxes of paperwork for free!

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I was recently helping my mom sort through mail, bills, tax stuff - paperwork we ALL acquire over the years with personal information that sadly, bad actors can use to steal our identities. Experts advise on destroying it, but if you have a lot piled up, that can seem overwhelming.

Well, "LMCU Shred Days" offers a way to get rid of it safely!

The event is Saturday April 16, 2022, 8a.m. to 11a.m.

Lake Michigan Credit Union says each person is welcome to bring up to six boxes of documents to shred and they'll dispose of it properly.

Note that they are asking people dropping off items to remain in their vehicles for everyone's safety.

LMCU Ballpark, home of the West Michigan Whitecaps is located at 4500 W River Dr NE in Comstock Park.

They do say the event details are subject to change. Please check LMCU.org or LMCU’s social pages for up-to-date information.

Lake Michigan Credit Union is also holding additional upcoming shredding events at different locations in West Michigan:

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