Accusations of sex, money, teenagers, a pastor and his wife, have hit West Michigan.

According to WOOD, a four month investigation has been conducted by Michigan State Police regarding Kalamazoo's 36-year-old Reverend Strick Strickland and 25-year-old wife Jazmonique Strickland. Detectives have confirmed the Reverend has paid teenagers at his home to perform sex acts.

The alleged victims are all under the age of 17 with one victim being 14. Michigan State Police say these acts happened over a period of time and on more than one occasion.

The incidents all took place at his home on Prairie Avenue home in Kalamazoo that is owned by Second Street Baptist Church where Strickland has been the pastor since 2012.

This isn't the first time the pastor's name has been brought up regarding a relationship. In an unrelated case that involved murder suspect Donnovan Lewis, Lewis allegedly killed his girlfriend because of her relationship with her pastor Strickland.

Police are still working on the investigation but Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting is now deciding the courts next move.

Any additional victims are urged to contact the Michigan State Police Paw Paw Post at 269-657-5551.

Both attorneys for Strickland and his wife are prepared to defend their clients if prosecution makes a charge.


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