November 6, 2015. I know exactly what I will be doing. Standing in a line (maybe) to buy tickets to see the new "Peanuts" movie.

The new modern computer animated movie from Blue Sky studios with the blessing of the Schultz estate with open on November 6 next year! As a HUGE peanuts fan, this is my time! I still will cry at "Snoopy Come Home" even though i'm an adult. I know Snoopy comes home. I do. Yet when Charlie Brown sings that damn song, I get all teary eyed. Like when My son doesn't get a happy meal for dinner.

"In fact, there won't be a focus on the old-fashioned or the modern when the late Charles M. Schulz's characters including Snoopy, Woodstock, Linus and Peppermint Patty come to life in the 3-D computer-animated film (out Nov. 6, 2015). Instead, director Steve Martino (Ice Age: Continental Drift) and the filmmakers focus on the timeless quality of 50-plus years of beloved comic strips and TV specials.

If Feig was going to give the movie a classic Peanuts title, he'd likely call it Don't Give Up, Charlie Brown!. The story follows the little round-headed boy with the indomitable optimism on a quest to get something he's sure he needs, even though he discovers he's pretty OK just as he is.

Martino grew up on the Peanuts holiday specials, but as an adult, he connects with that Charlie Brown attitude of bouncing back from obstacles. "I wake up every day and it's like, 'Today's the day we're going to win that game! I'm going to kick that football!' As you have more life experience, those things have more meaning."

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