The evening of  Saturday, Oct. 15, Pentwater Police received of a call of breaking and entering at a residence in the 300 block of North Hancock.

The suspect is described as having four legs, a brown coat, and a white tail. 

According to a Facebook Post from Pentwater Police,

Upon their arrival the Officers discovered one white tail suspect inside the residence. The suspect deer had jumped through a window to gain entry into the home.

Officers immediately began negotiations and the deer left a short time later through a side door.

There were several items disturbed in the house and one broken window. Nothing has been reported stolen and the deer remains at large."

The Pentwater PD say while that this may seem humorous...

It's also a good reminder that we should not underestimate the damage deer can do.

They warn that as it turns to fall, deer are more active during the early morning and evening hours, and it's important to be alert for deer while driving, especially during high risk times.

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