By now, we all know about the dam failures at the Edenville Dam as well as the Sanford Dam, which sent thousands in Midland County and two other counties, looking for higher ground to avoid the massive flooding that followed.

This disaster is of course happening in the middle of dealing with a global pandemic that still has a majority of our state under “stay-at-home” recommendations that have also led to protests by certain groups.

So it’s easy to think that people may not be in a caring mood or fatigued from caring for others - since that’s why we’ve been staying at home - but after looking at the “Marked Safe” page on Facebook for the dam collapse, you can see that society is not giving up on each other.

On the Facebook page for the disaster, when you click on the support tab, there are so many people who don’t even live in the area offering to come, help, even buy supplies, like this post from Jennifer,

“I would love to use my holiday weekend helping in any way I can. I can purchase some supplies, clothes to donate, and donate my time.”

Plenty of others have been like Jessica, offering clothes, other accessories people may not have been able to take before quickly having to evacuate,

" I have clothes (women, men, and little girl, and baby), shoes, also random accessories like hair dryer, toiletries, and kitchen stuff."

There are so many others offering help. Lot of posts regarding clothing, but also a lot of people who are willing to drive over and help out.   I also noticed this post of someone who has actually organized a form for volunteers and those needing help,

Our help request form now has a section for clean up assistance! If/when you need help assessing and cleaning up damage/debris, we have volunteers ready and able to help.

Request assistance at

Check out the page and see if there’s something you can do to help.  Or if you started to lose faith in humanity (or at least worried about it) during the coronavirus pandemic, go read all the posts offering help. It will definitely help you realize that things aren’t as desolate as it has felt.


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