I came across this story on MLive and it’s such an awesome story of People Doing Good.  I especially love when I find stories of kids doing awesomeness because thank goodness they’re not getting bogged down with the negativity of the world.  Also because they remind us that if at 8, 11, 17 years old, or however old they might be, that if they at such a young age can look out and help others, then we “adults” should be trying harder.

Samuel is an 11-year-old who lives in Kalamazoo and has already collected almost 1,000 blankets for the homeless around his hometown.

According to the MLive story, two years ago,  Samuel had the idea to gather 200 blankets which he and his mom thought would be a lofty goal. They collected over 300 blankets that year, and over 400 blankets last year. This year they’re about to top 800 blankets donated.

Samuel told Mlive his motivation behind Samuel’s Blankets for the Homeless is simple:

"Homeless people deserve a blanket to stay warm. If they don't, then it's really cold and they might not sleep as well," he said.

Pretty good reason to help others out! If you want to help Samuel’s mission, you can find out more and where to donate here.

Source: MLive

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