I started finding stories of people doing good because I was tired of hearing people talk about how the world had gone to crap and there was "no good anymore".  I knew that wasn't true, we just needed to highlight more positivity when it happens.

Like this story from 9&10 News.  In Leelanau County, more specifically, Northport, a farmer, Kendall Probst, had a medical emergency recently and was a bit down on his luck on getting people he hired to show up and work.  Well, one of his friends decided to try to find him some help, so they posted Kendall's story in "Overheard in Leelanau County on Facebook and this past weekend around 60 neighbors showed up and helped pick Kendall's apples.

One of Kendall's friends, Heather Craker told 9&10 News,

“He helps out at the church doing tasks around there. Just anything that needs to be done he’s willing to help. This is Leelanau County. People are just showing up like crazy to help us get this orchard picked this year."


9&10 News says that the volunteers filled up 28 boxes of apples, which were four boxes more than would fit in the delivery truck. Just neighbors showing up on a Saturday and Sunday to give back a bit. Love it!

Also, Steve, one of Kendall's friends wraps up Kendall's story; as well as to why we do "People Doing Good",

“Pretty cool to see the good side of humanity.”

Exactly, Steve.









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