Have we reached a point where we are all so bored that we have resorted to dressing up farm animals?

I have always looked at chickens as barnyard animals. They provided eggs and food to us. I never really considered that someone could -- and would -- interact with a chicken like a pet. Never have I seen a chicken strutting around on a farm and thought: “I want THAT as a pet.”

Now for those who are in 4H or FFA and have to have farm animals as part of the program -- I’m sure some have developed a relationship with their animals. I can completely understand that.

But, I have to ask, what is the new fad of dressing up chickens?

Over the last couple of days I’ve seen two ads for items you can buy for your chicken…

Chicken Helmets

The first one was a helmet for your chicken. Why? What do chickens need helmets for? Are there chickens that play football that I wasn’t aware of? The NFL — National Fowl League? (I do remember the piano playing chicken — or was that a duck — at Plank Road Farm growing up. You’d put a quarter into the machine and the fowl animal would play the piano in exchange for some food.) These helmets are available at wish.com for anywhere from $4 to $16 and come in various styles in case you have the desire to purchase one.

Chicken with Arms

And if a helmet just isn’t enough to get your chicken all decked out..how about arms for your chicken? Yep, I said “arms”! I bet chickens would actually like extra limbs if they actually worked — but these do not. Someone has created little plastic, muscular arms for these birds. These are available on Etsy for $35. The arms are attached to a metal wire that you put around your chicken to given them these muscular limbs. I’m still not sure why a chicken would need arms, but I will admit, it is funny to see a chicken walking around with them…

And if those two items are not enough to dress up your chicken, Just do a search for “clothes for chickens” and you will find all kinds of things to add to your bird. Those poor chickens!

Now this apparently isn’t something new. Back around Halloween in 2018, the Center for Disease Control had to issue warnings about dressing up your chicken for Halloween. (I wish I was kidding,but it was an actual story!)

I have to admit, watching the videos of chickens with clothing and other accessories is pretty funny…





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