I'm on a roll at this point. The great Michigan stories of "People Doing Good" are just popping up everywhere. This one has two awesome "People Doing Good" stories.

Let's meet Andrew. He's a student at Manistee High School and every morning he holds the door open for the students and teachers. And as Ms. Miller, one of his teachers, says in her post, he does it "EVERY SINGLE MORNING"  just because he wants to do it.  He isn't in trouble, he doesn't get extra credit, he just does it because he likes to. That's people doing good story #1 here.

He also apparently has a different way of saying good morning each day as well, and Fridays are his musical montage day. Well last week as he was trying to make his playlist, he was asking teachers for their requests and happened to mention to Ms. Miller that if he had a Bluetooth speaker it would be easier to do his Friday routine because he wouldn't need to have his laptop outside with him.

On to People Doing Good story #2:  On Wednesday Ms. Miller and a couple of others surprised Andrew by giving him a gift while he was welcoming everyone.  Inside the gift bag was a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that he can clip on his backpack and do his Friday music montages.

In the video, Ms. Miller says all the teachers pitched in for the gift and you hear him realize that now he can do the music even when it's snowing outside.

What a great story. Again, I challenge you to tell me there's not much good in the world.  Here we have Andrew and his teachers... all "People Doing Good".

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