This is a great story, definitely, People Doing Good.

Last Tuesday night the clerk at the Mobil station on Alden Nash, in Lowell Township, got sick around Midnight and called 911 for an ambulance, according to Fox 17.

It started as the employee started feeling sick, so he called his manager and said he needed to go to the hospital. The manager started scrambling to find someone who could quickly get to the store to take over the rest of the shift. The employee then started feeling worse and had the ambulance come get him and take him in.  That's where the firefighters come in handy.

Fox 17 says there were about fifteen minutes between the sick employee going to the hospital and the relief employee showing up, so three Alto-Bowne Township firefighters stepped behind the counter and started running the register, taking care of customers; 5 in total.

The gas station manager said the firefighters could have just closed the store, but watching surveillance footage and hearing from the firefighters, they seemed to enjoy the temporary change of jobs. The management told Fox 17 there were very pleased with the concern the firefighters had for taking care of their business; above and beyond.

The sick employee is doing well and has already been back at work.


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