We all want to be known for something and now Grand Rapids is known for a photo of the giant pothole on the Wealthy Street Bridge over 131 which shot to the front page of Reddit yesterday, prompting tons of comments.

This photo was posted by our friend Mr Roadside 616, which opened a wide ranging discussion from surprise that it was Grand Rapids, to questions from other countries about what we're spending our money on.

Mr Roadside 616 via Reddit
Mr Roadside 616 via Reddit

You can see the whole discussion at reddit.com/r/pics/ here.

Some of the highlights:

TBH this pic really makes it look like something out of a post apocalyptic wasteland. Is it really that bad?


This photo is a testament to how there’s not enough tax revenues to support the infrastructure for what used to be a vibrant regional Industrial Age economy.


I live in Grand Rapids. This is from Wealthy St, it is one of the richest parts of Grand Rapids...this has nothing to do with the economy (which if anything, is actually too strong in Michigan right now). It has nothing to do with taxable value (this is the most expensive land within 100+ miles)...It has everything to do with the state simply refusing to fund the roads, and wasting that money on other endeavours.


Shittiest roads I've ever driven on. And I've driven in Africa.


Pontiac is the only city I've ever seen a pothole the size of a horse.


Pure Michigan - where the winter lasts 10 months, and the summer is so beautiful it makes everyone forget how terrible the winter was.



Come to Belgium, we can compete with you.


If you told me this was Syria or Afghanistan I would have believed you.


Michigan. Ontario's mole


I’m from Illinois. You won’t tempt me to throw stones.


I lay awake at night dreaming about having nice bridges like that here in New Jersey.


Needs more salt.


I thought this was a picture I took in Iraq where an IED had gone off. Keep it classy, Michigan.





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