Officer Ricky Urena of the GRPD was doing his job at the recent Immigration Protests downtown, when someone snapped his photo.

Now it's gone around the world of the internet as a shining example of how good looking and brave our men are here in Beer City.

"I was working a protest for immigration," Officer Urena told FOX 17. "We were blocking the roads for the protest and someone just took a picture of me and I guess it went viral."

This Facebook post started it all when an admirer, Denise Garcia, put it succinctly, 'Did y'all know Grand Rapids had it like this?'

The comments ranged from women saying how they would love to get arrested by him to those expressing a desire to come for a visit if he's on call.

From there Urena said he began getting Facebook messages from all over. Most noting his good looks in the wake of duty.

By the way, ladies, Urena says he is single, but also committed to his job as a community police specialist.

"Sometimes we do get a lot of bad rap. But I think once people get to know you, they can relate to you more.” Urena told FOX

Needless to say, it's made him the target of teasing from his fellow police officers, but Urena takes it all in stride. The GRPD even posted a little photo gallery of him on their Facebook page.

"I'm here Monday through Thursday if you want to stop by and say hi." Urena added during his FOX interview, "But don’t break the law. That’s number one.”

Urena is a member of the class of 2013 from the GR Police Academy.

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