A plane in Ottawa County had to make an emergency landing Sunday afternoon after the front landing gear failed to come down.

According to WOODTV, Ottawa Co Sheriff’s Department got the call just after 1 pm that a single engine prop plane was circling the Ottawa Executive Airport.  Inside the plane was a guy from Zeeland, who is apparently a pretty good pilot because he was able to keep the nose up on the plane while landing as long as he could before he setting it down and coming to a stop without an injury to him, and no report from WOODTV of the plane bursting into flames. WOODTV actually reported,

Authorities said the pilot managed to keep the nose of the plane up for as long as he could before the front end touched down, staying on its course and coming to a stop a short distance later.

So while not something you hope to have happen while flying, especially on a smaller plane, this pilot is someone I wouldn't be afraid to fly with, not that he's offering free flights or anything.

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