Police and animal control rescued 19 cats and 3 dogs from a home that was deemed unfit for living.

You know, I only have one dog, and I spend a lot of time cleaning up after him but one thing he doesn't do is use the bathroom in the house so I am not sure how people can let their animals just go to the bathroom everywhere. Yuck!

According to MLive, Port Huron, Michigan, police were notified about a large number of cats, several dogs and a possible racoon living in a couples home that was in absolutely deplorable conditions.

Piles is a key word in this story because there were piles of cats all throughout the home, 19 in total but they only located 3 dogs and didn't find the racoon but there were also piles of cat and dog feces and a fierce urine smell throughout the entire home.

Many of the animals were found to be very sick and needed urgent care. Some animals were found to have diseases showing these animals were not well taken care of or at all.

The authorities contacted a building inspector to inspect the home. The inspector says the home is unit to live in and may need to be condemned. All the floors are covered in animal urine and feces.

There is a married couple who live at the residence. A 44-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman who seemed to cooperate with the police when they arrived. The couple has had to make arrangements to stay at a different residence.

There is still no word on why the couple allowed the animals to basically destroy their home out of a lack of caring for the animals. Police are still investigating and charges will be announced at a later date.

Not sure how anyone can allow that many animals in their home and not take care of them or be able to afford to care for an extreme number of pets.

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