Yes, I had to read the headline a couple times myself. I mean… you just can’t make this stuff up! Sounds like the beginning of a bad bar joke, doesn’t it? “Hey, there are three dudes… trippin’ on acid… naked… NOPE! For real.

After many years of living a wild and crazy life, there is one thing I have learned.  Everyone has their fetish, I have just learned to leave it alone.  But while scrounging around on the web today, I found the headline on KGW-TV’s website.  Officers responded to a report of the men fighting… naked!  Police found out after tasering two of the men repeatedly without much success, they were on the hallucinogenic drug LSD.

Police finally subdued all three men.  One man was found lying naked in the middle of the street.  The second man was found hiding in the back yard of a residence.  The last man in the incident was successfully talked down from his acid trip enough to be arrested.  The three men are charged with disorderly conduct.

It would be a very interesting scenario if the men had been here in Michigan.  I knew a guy up in Traverse City who mistakenly relieved himself in an alley after last call on a Friday night.  That guy is now on the sex offender’s registry!  I am left to assume that tripping naked guys fighting in the streets is such a normal thing near Portland that the police are just forced to write them tickets for disorderly conduct?  Kinda scary!