UPDATE (10:23 p.m. CT): Authorities have yet to release the name of the deceased 58-year-old shooter, but report that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police have said they are aware of the man's identity but are withholding it pending further investigating into his background.

UPDATE (10:17 p.m. CT): Of the seven people injured during the shooting, three are considered critical.

UPDATE (10:05 p.m. CT): Authorities have confirmed that there are now three people dead in the incident, including the shooter. This report comes from the Associated Press.

UPDATE (10:01 p.m. CT): Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is on scene and has commended law enforcement for their actions throughout the shooting.

"As governor, as a father and as a husband, whenever we see these or hear about these senseless acts of violence it makes us both furious and sad at the same time," Jindal said.

UPDATE (9:46 p.m. CT): Police Sgt. David Brooks tells CNN that the shooter was a 58-year-old white male has been identified as the shooter. He is believed to have acted alone in and is now dead.

UPDATE (9:41 p.m. CT): Police are confirming that two are dead, one of them the shooter, and nine are injured in the incident. The victims have been transported to area hospitals. This report comes via 96.5 KPEL in Lafayette.

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Authorities in Lafayette, Louisiana are working to sort out the details after a shooting in the city's Grand Theatre 16 has left numerous people injured or dead, possibly including the alleged shooter.

Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft confirmed the incident but declined to release exact details noting that investigators are still determining exactly what took place.

"All of those things are being sorted out as I speak," Craft told news media on Thursday evening.

The shooting took place at approximately 8 p.m. CT.

Officials from multiple agencies including the Lafayette Sheriff's Office, Louisiana State Police, FBI and ATF are processing the crime scene and sweeping the area for possible explosives or incendiary devices.

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