Police in Mason County are warning parents of a giant party that could take place near Ludington this weekend.

A facebook page for "One Last Lit Night" event shows that 10,000 people have been invited, with over 700 planning to attend.

The Mason County Sheriff's office posted to Facebook that the party is planned for somewhere in Mason County with the goal of alerting of parents.

The event's Facebook page promotes beer pong tournaments, a DJ, and drink specials and says the location of the party will be given the day of-- which is September 3.

An event organizer posted a warning,

I will not be responsible for underage drinking... I will not be responsible for injuries due to drunkenness..."

Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole told The Ludington Daily News,

“ Instead of simply sitting back and waiting, we chose to take a proactive approach and alert parents. Our hope is that if one parent stops their child from going, that’s one less chance for an unfortunate event occurring."

Police say they are continuing to investigate the event.

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