If you're a real hockey person, it just ain't the same unless you get to play a bit of "pond hockey," in the winter. That, my friend, it the true hockey fan/player.

This weekend, our radio station group, Town Square Media, and specifically, our rock station WGRD, brings back the Labatt Blue and Dematic 2013 GRD Pond Hockey Classic, at Rose’s On Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids!

It began two years ago, but last year, since winter nearly didn't materialize, it was sort of 'washed out.'  But this year.....IT'S COLD!  And, cold means a frozen Reeds Lake, and that means Pond Hockey.

Teams of 6-8 players will compete on the frozen surface of Reeds Lake all weekend.

Everyone is invited to come watch the Pond Hockey Classic for free all weekend. There will be beer and food specials from Rose’s On Reeds Lake, with plenty of Labatt Blue on tap! The deck behind Rose’s is perfect for viewing the fast-paced action.

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