EDIT (2:21 pm 11/21): Poo-Pourri reached out to us to let us know that response was overwhelming, and sadly they have sold out of their free bottles for Michiganders.  You can read the email we received HERE. 

Original Story:

Why?! Why is the U.P. so easily forgotten when it comes to marketing products?

This time it was every shy pooper's favorite, Poo-Pourri, that forgot to include ALL of Michigan in a promotional map, that was shown on the Today Show on NBC, according to MiningJournal.Net, who originally posted the story.

They say that the mistake was caught by Peter Dompierre, who is the former Mayor Negaunee, who sent the company a letter reminding them that there is a lot of significance to the Upper Peninsula and that companies, including Starbucks, benefit from the resources of the UP.  I didn't even realize that.

So after he sent the letter to the company, they sent a funny response saying that they realized they left the UP off their "2013 Founders Video" and have corrected the issue and plan to bring their promotional tour to the mitten state and Upper Peninsula reports MiningJournal.Net.

“You caught us with our pants down … we realize we did something crappy leaving out Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in our 2013 Founders video. Since then, we have corrected the map in every campaign like our Giant Poo Tour to accurately represent the Upper Peninsula. To right our wrong, we are working to bring the Giant Poo to the Upper Peninsula in Spring/Summer 2020."

Here's where this story gets good, because of their mistake, they want to make it up to Michiganders. In the original story, it says if you live in the U.P. you can get the free bottle, but if you have a Michigan address, the offer is honored.  I ordered my bottle and got it for free, even the shipping.


The button below will take you to the order page.

So much like Mountain Dew who created a label for the U.P after forgetting it in their "Dew Nation" map, we'll forget this crappy situation of having half of our state missing, Poo-Pourri. Just don't let it happen again... or do, if that means I get another free bottle. ;)

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