Mr. Beast has come up with a Mr. Beast Burger, which operates out of ghost kitchen in downtown Grand Rapids. 

Mr. Beast has wracked up over 60 million subscribers on YouTube, where his stunt and philanthropic videos are clearly quite popular.

And now he's selling the Mr. Beast Burger out of ghost kitchen, which is located at Flanagan's bar downtown.

The Mr. Beast Burger is available in several cities nationwide, and Flanagan's owner Ben Stoneman says the ghost kitchen working out of his bar has been a pleasant surprise. He told our news partner, FOX 17, "You wouldn’t have imagined a year ago that you’d be using your kitchen for someone else’s food...we're averaging about 200 orders a day."

Mr. Beast is know for stunts like offering people $100,000 to quit their jobs, building a house out of Legos, and his latest, being buried alive for two days.

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