Can we all agree that porch pirates are the worst? If it hasn't happened to you, I hope it stays that way because I've gotten packages stolen from my front door twice and it's not only annoying but kind of a hassle to get it figured out. Since my incidents, I just get all my packages delivered to work. However, what happened to this Detroit woman goes beyond just a package. Let's just say it was a LITERAL porch pirate.

India Gardner toldThe Shade Roomthat after a long day of work at the Chrysler plant she came home to find that her entire porch was missing. Literally... the whole thing was taken apart and gone!

I was at work, came home, went to the front porch literally tripped before I realized what had happened.

She said the thieves even took the railings along with the porch.

Taking apart and stealing a porch isn't something you do in five minutes... where were the neighbors? Didn't anyone see anything? Were the police called? According to India, it really did happen, and she posted the video [below] to her Instagram to show the "missing porch."


India told The Shade Room that when it comes down to it, she just wants her porch back.

If this story is actually legit what do you think the porch pirates are going to do with the porch? Use the wood? Attach it to their house? So many questions.

Nevertheless, let's all remember to respect each other's property.

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