I want to take a moment and give props to 3M/Post-It Notes for their latest love for Michigan.  Yeah, yeah, maybe they're doing it for all states, but who cares. Just this year Mountain Dew gave the UP to Wisconsin and if you've ever looked at Michigan on clip-art, they never have the U.P. as part of Michigan... they don't even give it to Wisconsin, it just disappears.

So the fact that Post-It Notes not only included the U.P. but also added in most of the little islands also associated with the state is kind of a big deal! I mean they got Drummond Island on the far east side of the state, Beaver Island west of the Straits, and Isle Royale which would be easy to miss because it's so far north.

Major kudos Post-It Notes and for everyone else wanting to market the mitten state, use one of those post-it notes and make yourself a reminder to get ALL of Michigan in your promo material.

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