Holy Moly, so no one won the Saturday night drawing of the Powerball jackpot which was estimated to be around $356 million.  Since there was no winner Saturday, that means Wednesday night the jackpot is expected to be over $430 million dollars!

Still, check your ticket to see if you won something because you could have matched a couple of the numbers which were: 20, 24, 26, 35 and 49, with the Powerball number being 19.

Meanwhile, let’s go buy a bunch of tickets and imagine buying one of these waterfront properties:

Or maybe this $5.5 Million dollar home in South Haven that's still for sale:

How about this lighthouse? It's only $15k:

This island near the U.P. is still available for $1.5 million as well:

Actually, with $430 million, you can buy this ENTIRE list, be Pure Michigan (cause you own all the cool stuff) and still have money for all the new relatives you'll find you have... including me. Hi, I'm your long lost cousin, Rob.

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