Just as we are finally getting dug out from the record breaking snowfall last weekend, we are starting to hear rumblings of perhaps another powerful storm for Christmas weekend.

Record Breaking Snowfall Totals Last Weekend

12 Inches of Snow
Photo: Scott Winters/Townsquare Media

The total about of snow from 7 am on Friday, December 16th through 7 am on Sunday, December 18th, 2022 varied from about 4.5 inches in the southern counties to over 15 inches near Grand Rapids.

The National Weather Service compiled a list of snowfall totals throughout West Michigan. Grandville is at the top of the list with 17.2 inches of snow. Most locations in the Grand Rapids metro area averaged about 14-15 inches. Some places west and south of Grand Rapids had lesser amounts of snow. Coopersville measured only 6.1 inches of new snow and Plainwell received only 4.6 inches.

On Saturday, December 17th, at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport they received 10.4 inches of snow. That broke a record for daily snow fall on December 17th. The previous record was 5.4 inches back in 1951. So far this winter (which officially doesn't even begin until Wednesday), we have had four days with 7 or more inches of snow in a calendar day. We have also shattered daily snowfall records three times already. So far this season we have had over 42 inches of snow. The average amount of snow for this time of year is just about 25 inches. We are almost double that amount with potentially more on the way.

Growing Concern for Blizzard-Life Conditions on Friday

On Monday morning, December 19th, the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids released a statement warning of a potential storm that could bring blizzard conditions to the area this weekend.

This storm could bring heavy snow, strong winds, possible freezing rain, power outages, and lead to hazardous driving as many of us get ready to hit the road for Christmas. The NWS statement goes on to say...

This could very well end up being a historic winter storm for the region.

Here is information from the National Weather Service in Northern Indiana...

While the exact path and potential isn't for certain at this point, this is a storm we will have to keep an eye on for West Michigan.

Here is information on the possible impact of the storm from the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids...

Potential Storm
Graphic: National Weather Service Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Santa, I want a new snowblower for Christmas. Oh, and can you deliver that a few days early?


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